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Trans and/or Women's Action Camp


This powerful & empowering action camp for gender-minority activists is entering its 5th year in a row!  There is also a PNW camp in the works for July 28-August 4…and all of the camps need help with donations!  Donations go directly to things like food for participants; travel stipends for participants & presenters; equipment for screen-printing, zine-printing, kitchen, common space (sun and rain-shades, medical tent, etc.); gas for scouting & carpooling; art supplies, etc!  

TWAC is a space for women-identified, trans*, non-binary, and non-gendered folks to grow their activism skills and passions in a non-patriarchal safe(r) space.  This mission is always growing and evolving, so check out the site and maybe think about attending or donating!

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Kenya: Artivists versus the state


Another said, “These injustices are happening everywhere in the world. When the West refers to us as ‘emerging economies’ they really mean we are the key places to extract resources and wealth… Our leaders are pretending to represent us, but they are benefiting from the pillage. In today’s paper Ruto [deputy prime minister] was shown on the front cover coming back from Davos. Kenyatta and Ruto have more in common with the Davos class than they do with us.”

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Nonconsensual sex: How colleges rebranded rape | Al Jazeera America


this article makes me super uncomfortable, i don’t like the term nonconsensual sex, some dude talking about using the terms that ‘work best’ seems terrible, nonconsensual sex implies that it is still sex and it still privileges penetrative assault over other forms of sexual violence and frames sexual violence in hetero terms. like, there is a reason why unis prefer nonconsensual sex to rape/assault, i dont think this helps survivors, especially those of sustained emotional abuse, intimate partner violence, sexual violence in queer relationships, etc 

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"Bombings won’t justify bombings, death will not justify death.
Death its self justifies nothing, Nothing will come of it."
- Protest The Hero (via vacantchurch)

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Transgender Activist's Death Opens Political Battle

(Source: tipsfortransfolks)

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